Dehydrator Snacks: Healthy Sprouted Almonds & Fruit Roll-Ups & Dried Fruit

Dehydrator Snack Recipes

These low-sugar fruit roll-ups and dehydrated sprouted almonds are the perfect, healthy snack for the afternoon munchies!  They are not hard to make if you have a dehydrator and they’re a fun snack to make with the kids.  It’s a great opportunity to talk to them about the amount of sugar in fruit roll-ups compared to what we are putting into ours!  


Sprouted Seasoned Almonds

(Sprouting increases the digestibility & nutrition of the almond.  It also makes them really light, crispy & airy)

  1.  Rinse raw almonds (with filtered water if available).  Cover with water until almonds are covered with an inch of extra water over top.  Let them soak overnight.  In the morning, rinse them well and drain them in a colander.
  2.  Transfer them to a bowl.  Lightly sprinkle seasoning salt & onion powder over them until lightly covered with seasonings.  Place in dehydrator with mesh trays and dehydrate on low (around 105 degrees) all day until dry.  (6-10 hrs.)
  3.  If you don’t have a dehydrator, click on this link to see my favorite!  Or you can always try it in the oven.  Spread on a stainless steel baking sheet and bake at no more than 150 degrees for 12-24 hours until completely dry.   Store in an airtight container or mason jar.

Healthy Homemade Fruit Rolls

  1.  Lightly coat your dehydrator tray with oil to keep the fruit from sticking to the sheet.
  2.  Blend strawberries with lime juice and sweetener.
  3.  Once fruit is pureed pour it evenly onto your fruit tray.
  4.  Spread the fruit evenly with your favorite spatula.
  5. Set your dehydrator to 135 degrees and dehydrate for 4-8 hours or until it is leathery and pliable.  If you want it really crispy like a chip, keep drying.
  6.  Remove from the sheets and roll in parchment paper or plastic wrap. If it doesn’t come off easily, then you need to let it keep drying.  I sometimes lift it off and turn it over to dry the bottom if I got too much oil on it.   You can also cut them into strips & store them in an air tight container.


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