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Are you ready to start transitioning your family into a whole foods lifestyle? If so, you have found the right place! In my classes I will teach you how to transition one step at a time, while slowly incorporating new recipes and new habits along the way. I will give you the power to know what to buy when you’re in the grocery store and where the good quality and nutrients are to be found! During the recipe instruction I will teach you why you use certain ingredients and how they impact our internal health. Losing the weight happens as a natural side effect, but my main concern is improving your internal health so that you and your family can avoid illness and disease to live a long, healthy life!

My approach to the whole foods lifestyle is done in a non-fanatical way that is family-friendly without compromising flavor. Anyone can take this class, from a beginner to an advanced cook. The only thing you need is a desire and willingness to make some changes slowly over time. With a little investment to educate yourself, it will pay off exponentially with good health & happiness!

Sign up today and you will receive full access to all eight classes of “Steps to a Healthier Family,” which includes about 30 minutes of instruction with each step and 4-5 full recipe demonstration videos to help with your success in achieving each step (total of 33 videos). You will also receive the printable handouts to go with each class so you can follow along and take notes as you watch each class. I recommend watching one step a month to allow yourself to become familiar with the new changes and making successful healthy habits. Children also need time to adjust, so take it slow!

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, please join us on the road to better health & vitality for your family, one step at a time!


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What is a Whole Foods Diet?  We will go over my philosophy of eating a whole foods diet and why. I believe that healthy food should taste good and we should enjoy what we eat. I will show you how to incorporate some twists on good classics to make them healthier. We will also go over cooking large batches and how to freeze things well, so on those busy nights you can be ready for dinner in a flash!


What are we drinking? In this class we will go over the truth behind all of the drinks on the market available to us today (which we all know that we have hundreds of options). We will talk about all types of water, sports drinks, juices, and soda, and which ones are best. We will also be doing a variety of healthy smoothies, from green ones to chocolate ones! They are a great way to start the day and to curb our sweet cravings. I never believed that my sweet tooth would go away, but drinking smoothies has changed my life and my cravings!


Pantry Makeover: Oils, Nuts, Salts, Spices & Sugars!   To start cooking healthy, we really need to start with the basics in our pantry. We will go over all of the the basic pantry items so that you can know which ones to buy when you are at the grocery store. You will feel confident when you leave the store because you will know the truth behind each of these products. They makes such a difference in our internal health.  Then we will put them to good use in some delicious recipes!


How do I cook with whole grains? There are so many grains out there that most of us haven’t even heard of, namely Amaranth, Kamut, Spelt, Quinoa, etc.. I have been cooking with whole grains for a long time now and I absolutely love them all!  There are so many nutritious benefits to cooking with whole grains and I will show you how!  From homemade bread to blender pancakes to even using them in salads!!


How to eat more veggies! Most of us don’t get in all the vegetables we need, so I will show you some great ways to get them into your diet! We will cover some great prepping tips to making our veggies more accessible and even some ways to hide them from your kids 🙂 This will be a class you don’t want to miss!


What does your protein look like? There is so much talk about high protein diets and vegetarian diets. It can be so confusing with all of the information out there. We will talk about what a whole protein is and how we can get it from sources other than meat, as well as which meat options are the healthiest. I do still eat meat, but very sparingly, and I will show you some great low-fat, healthy options! After I cut back on my meat, I started to lose weight and feel better too, so I am excited to share with you what I have learned and how I do it!


Curb those sweet cravings with fruit & healthy snacks! In this class we will talk about all the benefits of eating a variety of fruits and how to make some fun healthy snacks. We will also explore lots of different sugars, sugar alternatives, and natural sweeteners and which ones are better for you than others.  We will also learn how to make low-sugar strawberry freezer jam that you will absolutely love! We all needs snacks throughout our day, so let’s explore some fun options of what we can buy at the store as well as make in our own homes that are the healthiest options.


Year review & food party!! After a year of making changes one month at a time, we will review what we have done and what has been successful in each of our families. After many requests, this last class will cover quick dinners, summer snacks, & how to make your own sprouts! It will be a great way to end a good year full of healthy changes!  Party time!!


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