Welcome to my website! I am a mother who loves life and has a passion for healthy food and helping others find that love too!  As you know, it’s not always easy to feed a family healthy.  Believe me, I know because I have seven boys of my own! (I had four of my own boys and married the most amazing man who has three of his own, so we are now officially a crazy, amazing boy family with one queen bee.  That’s me! ha ha)  It is always a challenge to find recipes that all the boys like because they all have their different taste buds and likes, so it is a constant journey, but I am happy to share the recipes I find along the way that the majority of us like!!

A little bit of background about myself…..I have been around food my whole life having grown up in the restaurant business. We all share the common goal of providing good food to others, each in our own way. I feel so blessed to have been taught by amazing chefs in my life, especially my own mother.

After I got married and started a family I became more passionate about cooking. I had never really thought much about nutrition though, other than eating fruits and vegetables. Often times I was simply content to get dinner on the table, even if it was loaded with butter, cream cheese and a can of cream of chicken soup! I was just happy to have something homemade!

As I became interested in learning more about health and nutrition I was influenced by reading several great books written by various nutritionists and chefs, including Chef Brad, Chris Johnson, Dawn Blatner, and Rip Esselstyn, to name a few. I found Michael Pollen’s writings to also be very influential as it taught me about how food is raised and processed.

As time went on I found it difficult to cook whole foods that were both healthy and something that my family would enjoy eating. It became my quest to make and find healthy recipes that my whole family would eat willingly without compromising flavor. Through trial and error I was successful in creating many nutritious and delicious meals. As a result I began to lose weight naturally. People began asking what I was doing and so I decided to start a blog sharing these new recipes. This has expanded into teaching monthly cooking classes and now I am providing these classes online to you!

My goal is to teach people how to cook healthier for their loved ones in a way they can enjoy! I believe in moderation in all things and am not an extremist in any of my recipes. I believe that God put so many delicious things here on the earth for us to eat in moderation! I don’t believe in saying “no” to every delicious tempting sweet that comes our way but I do believe in small portions and not eating dessert with every meal. I am a big believer that your taste buds will change naturally as you start incorporating more whole foods into your diet and getting away from the processed, convenience foods that most Americans eat today. When that transformation happens it’s an amazing feeling! You will find yourself turning down dessert because it’s too sweet and you are no longer craving it. I never thought that would happen to me, especially because I was the dessert queen! That’s what eating whole foods does to you.  As you get away from the salt, sugar, and fat that are in processed foods today, the addiction subsides, naturally!

So come with me on a journey of bringing your family back to whole foods one step at a time, slowly incorporating one new recipe at a time, one bite at a time. The little bit of time investment is far worth the compensation in health & vitality!  I know you can do it and once you do, you’ll never go back!

To your health!!



Meet Brittany, Foodie Gone Healthy’s Right Hand Gal

brittanyPhoto“For as long as I can remember I have always loved to eat and try new foods. Even at an early age you could find me in the kitchen whipping up a batch of my “secret” recipes, which may or may not have been hits with my family! Not only has my passion for cooking continued over the years, but it has been made stronger by the many friends and family I am cooking for. I love seeing the smiles and satisfaction in my loved ones I can share my passion with.

I have especially gravitated towards vegetables and all the many different ways you can use and make with them. Any given morning you could find me eating vegetables for breakfast instead of the regular breakfast fare. I won’t always say that this has worked in my favor, as my Wyoming meat-bred husband will attest during the first of our marriage, that Vegetable Tofu Lasagna does not work for everyone, and that everyone does not share my same nerdy and probably very weird passion.

I began studying Dietetics in College, and always loved learning about the cause and effects of food on our bodies. I hope to one day finish where I began and get my degree, but until then, I get to share and pass on what I have learned to my amazing…and very patient husband and my adventurous 5 year old son whom I love dearly, and I am sure, reciprocates my love…as long as I don’t make more Vegetable Tofu Lasagna! :)”

Happy Cooking!